Love Letter to SuperDave

Dear Super D,

It’s been eons since I’ve written a love letter and i hope my words will still make a mark, a ripple if not waves… most especially in your heart.

Twenty something years ago, I used to spend solitary time at the beach watching the horizon. Something tells me my future is beyond that horizon, maybe doing the same way I do. Wishing, hoping and praying. I believed and hold that in my heart the future will arrive. It always does. The journey getting there was marvelous. I do not say it was all happy and perfect. But it was a journey that molded me to get better and better in life, and as a person. I have and still am grateful for everything I had gone through, and all the wonderful people and even the not so good ones for they all played an important role in leading me to you. I believe I was whole and content just by being me.

Cambria is Love

And then you came and I realized I still can get better. With you, I can be my best self. I have found the best cheerleader who not only puts me on a pedestal but most of all always cradles me in his arms in the most loving ways i’ve known.

We have a long future ahead of us chasing sunsets and sunrise  and playing underneath the sun too. Most of all we have each other as sunshine for a lifetime and yes the best is yet to come. But Today (Now and always ) we savor… savor…savor.

il mio amore,


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