A Mother is the Truest Friend who Loves You Unconditionally (Mothers Day Tribute)

“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” – Mitch Album

I have always been known to be a wanderer and adventurer, I once self proclaimed myself “judaydexplorer”.  That was a few years after my late husband has passed, going places helped me on my feet again. However, even in my teens and way way back my childhood days I was already exploring even in just the simple grassy backyard of our village or in the not so busy streets of Divisoria . I was always happy to be out there with nature or just to be on my feet and on the move. Now as I ponder on who could have influenced me to be so passionate in traveling and be courageous to discover and experience new places, it would be my Mother.

Our family owned a business back in the city of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines that started in 1975, which was my birth year. My father was a photographer, and with a family of 7 me being the fifth and youngest at that time, he wanted to be able to provide the best and so he tried to find ways to come up with a business that can feed his growing family. That business grew over the years but i will tell more about it in another story. The business requires some materials that needed to be bought in another city which was in the Island of Cebu. To be able get there requires flying on a airplane or sailing by ship. Back then sailing was the easiest and cheaper means of transportation to travel to another island, and that is what we did.

I was six or seven years old when my Mother started to bring me along in her trips to Cebu to do some purchasing for the business. I don’t know why she often picked me but I guess I was so easy to bring along then (and even now to most people). That went on for years until I started high school and even when I was already 12 my mom would declare I was only 7 so I get half the price (oopppss sorry mom!). And of course since I was under height and under weight it was believable. Looking back that was funny and for sure mom if you are reading this, God understands and you are not the only one. LOL! I don’t remember a time that I was crying on a trip, ever. I was always excited and I was giddy to explore the ship. And she would allow me to roam freely by myself. She trust that I will find my way back.  She  was not the kind who follows you around to make sure you don’t get in trouble. I believe I have learned to be independent that way, with my Mom not overly protective that I can no longer spread my wings. Of course there were times I can feel she was scared or anxious for me but she makes sure she doesn’t show it. That is another trait I learned from her I admit sometimes it’s an advantage sometimes not.  In those time that she feels uncertain or overwhelmed she always turns to prayers for God’s guidance and protection especially those times we are away from her. I am thankful that I am blessed with a mother who had deeply rooted her faith in God and taught and showed us her children Christian values that really helped us in each our journey.

Most of all I knew that I will have lots of Magnolia Chocolait on every trip! Haha! There there… i just had some memory flash back for a moment. I had a very rich childhood, not with money but very fond and soul enriching moments. When we are roaming in the streets of cebu I feel like I am the tiniest person amongst giants in a very busy streets. But I was never ever scared because my Mother was there and I know I was always safe.

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Just a few months ago my Mother had a chance to travel from the Philippines all the way to San Francisco, USA all by herself. Despite some very minor mishaps I am so proud of her being so tough to be able to do it. You are the original explorer Mama. Most of all I am very grateful that she was able to spend time with me despite how limited it was, I really wished I could show you more wonderful places. I hope I not only had made your trip such a wonderful experience but that I and my sisters here in this land had made you proud of us



Every motherhood has its unique ways in raising a child/children. But one common thing is that no matter how it was given it was always done with love. Even when it may seem like kind of a tough love when you were so much younger. At some point when you get older and look back, you will understand.  With that, how you are cared for prepares you on your journey when the time comes you  venture out into the world away from their loving arms. But in truth you never really leave your Mother, (sometimes you become her 😉 )you carry her with you in your heart.

Every day when we go into each of our daily grind or however we live our lives, we thank the one who prayed for us to have a chance to be a miracle of life.IMG_8365

Happy Mothers day Mama, I love you. And to all mothers I salute you!

i remain,


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