Judy May Clark
One of Paulo Coelho’s book was my inspiration to come up with the name Flow Happy. It was either “Like a Flowing River” or “Warrior of the Light.” In one of his stories he mentioned something like this or so, that our Life is like a flowing river, it keeps moving and adapting to every turn be it rocky, wild or calm. And in the end it reaches the vast ocean where we all just become one.

As the world pivoted in a manner that seem daze and confused I put on my thinking cap, maybe I should pause from coaching and motivating. I still would be putting inspiring and enlightening content but at the same time, there is some relearning and unlearning that needs to be done. And the best way to do that is raw experience. We all have opinions on countless of things but it really means nothing if one has not exposed ones self to that experience. We can put out interesting contents out there because it’s trending but it may not really be what one needs. Or you can just treat any day as business as usual, nothing personal just business.

I always believe human beings have a bigger purpose than all living creatures. I have always asked every single waking moment of my life, who am I? what can I do? There are days I win and days I lose but I never stopped, never give up. There are days I thought I was a hero to countless many but I failed to hug and say I love you to the person dear to me. We all strive to be perfect or crave for perfection but perfection is just an idea. A goal we can set in mind. What you can actually achieve may either be not be perfect or beyond perfect. Nothing is precise in life. Otherwise it’s just plain boring.

I would like to know the world again, in someone else’s eyes, mind and heart. I believe a new world is dawning and it is a very interesting one. In doing so, I hope I impart something I know as well. That together as we learn from past & present, humanity will thrive for the future.

i remain,


(Updated January 2021)